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Limited Time Offer Details

Our video platform for professional development and research is easy to use, secure, affordable, and most importantly flexible.

Whether you're at a K-12 school looking to coach teachers, or at a college of education preparing pre-service teachers for their careers, Vosaic's video platform will meet your needs.

This limited time offer includes:

  • 35+ paid users who can upload videos
  • 1280+ hours of video storage*
  • 1 year + 1 month subscription
  • Unlimited users who can securely watch and comment on videos
  • Free support

* 35 user account comes with 280 hours of storage. Additional 1000 hours (valued at $7,950.00) will be added to your account for free, and will stay free for as long as you maintain your Vosaic subscription with 35+ paid users.