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Our video platform for professional development and research is easy to use, secure, affordable, and most importantly flexible.

Whether you're at a K-12 school looking to coach teachers, or at a college of education preparing pre-service teachers for their careers, Vosaic's video platform will meet your needs.

This limited time offer includes:

  • 35+ paid users who can upload videos
  • 1280+ hours of video storage*
  • 1 year + 1 month subscription
  • Unlimited users who can securely watch and comment on videos
  • Free support

* 35 user account comes with 280 hours of storage. Additional 1000 hours (valued at $7,950.00) will be added to your account for free, and will stay free for as long as you maintain your Vosaic subscription with 35+ paid users.

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Why Vosaic?

Ms. Linda B. Hutchinson-Palmer

"I love the features and easy use of Vosaic. It works great for coding elements of teaching for discussions and improvement."

Ms. Linda B. Hutchinson-Palmer
Instructor of Education (Special Education), Pennsylvania State University

Michael A. Tallman, Ph.D.

"Vosaic enables me to analyze video data collaboratively with colleagues at other universities. As an educational researcher this kind of collaboration is essential since compatible interpretations of video data by independent analysts is a critical aspect of qualitative educational research."

Michael A. Tallman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, Oklahoma State University

Dr. Gregory Betts

"With Vosaic, our coaches and principals can easily record and annotate videos to provide timely, highly specific and objective feedback to teachers about their practice. It's the only platform that provided us with the flexibility we needed from video."

Dr. Gregory Betts
Director of Professional Learning at the Westside Community Schools

Mark David Meyer, MD

"Vosaic is a perfect tool for recording and collecting simulation data."

Mark David Meyer, MD
Emergency Medicine Physician, Kaiser Permanente