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Our exclusive offer ended, but you can still pilot Vosaic account for only $800.

Teacher Coaching With Video Is Easier Than You Think

We developed a platform that is easy to use, secure, affordable, and most importantly flexible. You can use it with your favorite framework for teaching such as Danielson's, CLASS, Marzano etc. The best part: you can use Title IIA funds to pay for it.

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Get a Vosaic account for only $800.00.

To see the benefits of our pilot pricing, visit our pricing calculator. This pilot includes:

  • 10 users who can upload videos
  • 80 hours of video storage
  • 6 month subscription
  • Unlimited users who can watch and comment on videos
  • Free online training
  • Free support
  • Choose to start the 6 month subscription anytime before December 2019.

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Kevin Chick

"When using Vosaic to review video later in my office rather than text documentation, I found my that my text documentation was filled with biases. I only documented when I saw the things I was looking for. I missed many activities while documenting."

Kevin Chick
Principal at St. Columba, Durango, CO

Matt Rinne

"Vosaic allows teachers to focus in on what they'd like to improve in their teaching. As an instructional coach it's really easy for me to create a feedback form that focuses on their goals, and then choose that form to mark up their video at the time of their recording."

Matt Rinne
Instructional Coach at Prytle Elementary, Lincoln, NE