Overcome Financial & Hardware Constraints In Recording Simulations.

Use Vosaic's mobile, flexible, and hardware independent video platform to record and collect data from simulations for debrief and research.

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Vosaic Ipad App Simulation Recording

With Vosaic's Video Platform For Simulation You Can:

  • Enhance skill retention.
  • Objectively address learning goals right after the simulation or later.
  • Streamline technical skill development.
  • Collect simulation data for research.
  • Provide feedback from remote locations.
  • Conduct In-Situ simulations with just an iPad or an iPhone.

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Live Video Markup of In-Situ and Off Site Simulations

  • Minimal hardware requirement for In-Situ simulations. All you need is an iPad, iPhone, or a webcam.
  • Use existing A/V setup to record simulations using any computer with a modern browser such as Chrome.
  • Mark important moments as you're recording.
  • Set up one iOS device as a camera, and use the other from a distance to mark important moments.
  • Video is automatically uploaded and accessible for debrief from anywhere.

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Live Video Markup of In-Situ and Off Site Simulations
Effective Debriefs

Effective Debriefs

Whether you're using TeamSTEPPS or other instructional frameworks, with Vosaic you can easily customize what you want to mark in simulation videos for more effective debriefs. Moments marked with Vosaic are captured in full length-not just a single frame timestamp-allowing you to replay important moments in their entirety.

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Data Collection for Research

  • Develop and test practices for streamlined data collection.
  • Standardize simulation across multiple sites by creating easily shareable debrief forms.
  • Export timestamped data for analysis, trend reports, and research.
  • Present your results and feedback in video highlight clips.

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Data Collection for Research

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