Provide Effective Simulation Debrief Sessions Without The High Price Tag

Enhance your debriefs with simple video analysis from Vosaic Connect. Capture, instantly upload, and mark-up your simulation recordings online in a cloud-based environment.


Watch how Vosaic Connect can transform your simulation.

Instant Upload

Video uploads as it captures, eliminating wait time and enabling participation beyond the simulation room.

Flexible & Scalable

Eliminate the need for bulky equipment with Vosaic Connect’s mobile, flexible, and scalable solution.

Secure Cloud Collaboration

Videos can be shared behind a secure login so participants can collaborate and learn safely in the cloud.

Simulations, Decoded

Analyze medical stimulations with a data-driven debriefs by coding, sorting, and gleaning vital insights that boost team performance.

Mark Important Moments

Tag crucial moments in your simulation, so you can then sort and analyze the data for deeper insights.

Flexible Coding

Code your videos in real-time or after the video is recorded and access high-level analytics from anywhere.

Travel Light With iPad Access

Use Vosaic Connect on an iPad for a less expensive, wire-free connection. Users can capture, upload, and tag video on individual iPads, reducing A/V hardware costs. Use as an add-on or a total solution with a low cost of entry.

Vosaic Connect Plans and Pricing

Please contact us if you have an organization with more than 25 users.


  • 25
  • 100
    Hours of Video

$119per User / Year*

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  • 10
  • 40
    Hours of Video

$159per User / Year*

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  • 5
  • 20
    Hours of Video

$199per User / Year*

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* All plans are billed annually.