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CamTwist is a product that can be used in situations where you would like to live-code a streaming video online (e.g. in a web browser) that cannot be downloaded. It is not the best product if you want to make a screen recording of the web browser to code in a post-capture environment (e.g. post-recording).

The basic concept is that CamTwist will make a screen recording of the video/window you tell it to, and simultaneously essentially trick the Mac into believing that same feed is coming in through the thunderbolt port. Thus, after CamTwist is set up, you can open a Studiocode capture window and it will see the CamTwist recording as a video source to capture.

CamTwist Instructions

1. Download CamTwist - http://camtwist.en.softonic.com/mac

2. Install CamTwist

3. Quit Studiocode

4. Launch CamTwist

5. Open Preferences in CamTwist.

6. Under the General Tab make sure your Frame Rate is set to 30 FPS and your video size is set to 720x480 (or size that is consistent with your capture settings)

7. Set CamTwist by double clicking on "Desktop +" in the first column.

8. In the Settings Column you will want to Confine to Application Window and Filter Out Untitled Windows (see pic)

9. Launch Studiocode (please note that if Studiocode was currently open you will need to quit out of Studiocode and re-open it).

10. Open Capture Window in Studiocode and initiate capture.

*Note: If you need sound for your video it is important to go to do the following:

a. Apple menu > System Preferences > Sound > Input.

b. Set the Input to Line in.

c. Use a cable that has a headphone connection (3.5mm) on both ends. Connect one end to the headphone jack on the Mac, and the other end to the Line in port. This will send the audio out from CamTwist, and right back into Studiocode.

d. In the Studiocode Capture Window you will need to select Line In as the audio source.

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