Our Mission

To help you discover and respond to indicators valuable to performance improvement.

In every classroom, training scenario, simulation, or behavior we see learning opportunities that go unnoticed. We call them performance indicators, and they get missed everywhere.

We help you record and gather all performance indicators, visually, and in real time. Empowering educators, learners, trainers, and researchers to continuously re-engage with their subjects and their work:

  • To see the unseen.
  • To gain insight.
  • To review with objectivity.
  • To react and reflect.

To incite the curious to know how well they did today, and why.

Our Expertise

Our passion for video analysis means that we are fully invested in all the fields our users work in. We understand your unique needs to help drive product development, ensuring that you can produce your best results. Agile and customizable, Vosaic is used in many industries. The fields of education, healthcare, and research in particular have found Vosaic to be an invaluable tool that encourages new insights and drives growth and performance.


Foster personal reflection and growth by providing pre-service and in-service teachers the opportunity to see their practice, evaluate it, and share it with others, in a safe, secure, and supported way.


Vosaic is used extensively within quantitative and qualitative research, especially where human factors are important. Professional and educational research groups are empowered to collect, analyze and share collaborative and collective data.


Improve patient outcomes through video-based training with clear feedback in training simulations for medical practitioners.

Professional Development

Our video-based analysis solutions provide corporate trainers and coaches with the opportunity to develop a better understanding of personality, behavior, error management, team dynamics, and more. These solutions enhance the performance and efficiency of teams to reduce human error.

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