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Record videos using any camera or mobile device; Securely share videos with individuals or groups; Use custom rubrics to annotate videos for coaching, observation, or analysis; get unbiased AI-powered feedback.

Vosaic Features
Vosaic video feedback and analysis

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Video Submission & Feedback for Colleges of Education

What makes Vosaic's video submission and feedback platform unique is students' ability to dig in deep into their practice and self-reflect in a way that helps them more effectively bridge the gap between theory and practice. Instructors use Vosaic to give objective feedback that improves students' deliberate practice on campus or online.

ISU "I really like using Vosaic. I think it is more useful than writing a paper, because you get a clear understanding for what we are reflecting on. Whoever is looking over our reflections can read our comments and then get clear visual of what we are talking about." StudentCollege of Education, Illinois State University

Video Submission & Feedback for Colleges of Education
Video Feedback for Teacher Coaching & Growth in K12

Video Feedback for Teacher Coaching & Growth in K12

When schools and districts use Vosaic, they save on time and resources needed to support teacher growth that ultimately results in reaching student achievement goals. Vosaic is used to streamline online and in-person observations, onboard new teachers, provide seamless mechanism for teachers to get peer feedback, and support instructional leadership in engaging teachers in deliberate practice.

Dr. Gregory Betts "With Vosaic, our coaches and principals can easily record and annotate videos to provide timely, highly specific and objective feedback to teachers about their practice. It's the only platform that provided us with the flexibility we needed from video." Dr. Gregory Betts Director of Professional Learning at the Westside Community Schools

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Video Analysis For Research

Vosaic is the only cloud-based product that provides flexibility, specificity, and efficiency for coding videos for research. Unlike other products, with Vosaic you can code moments in their entirety and easily play, pause, or rewind events to give you the best available measure of the presence or absence of a condition. 

Automated transcriptions, ability for multiple coders to blind-code videos, run IRR reports, and easily share videos with collaborators, are some of the key benefits that make Vosaic the favorite tool for professors and students researching classroom videos.

Jason Huang "Vosaic allowed me to easily observe the intersections between different types of artifacts and the quality of math discourse. Based on this, I was able to sum up results across multiple participants and create a matrix to represent the relationship" Jason Huang Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at SUNY New Paltz

Video Analysis For Research
Video-Assisted Debriefs for Nursing Education

Video-Assisted Debriefs for Nursing Education

The ultimate goal of simulations in nursing education is to improve patient care and safety, and effective debriefing plays a critical role in creating the change needed to meet that goal. 

Vosaic’s platform for video-assisted debriefs was specifically created to reduce information overload and time waste by allowing simulation facilitators to efficiently focus on specific video clips marked during the recording of the simulation.

Mary Resler "Vosaic's flexibility helps us easily create any number of simulation scenarios. It was really easy for us to plug Vosaic into existing audio-visual equipment to annotate videos as they're being recorded." Mary Resler, MSN Ed, RN Glendale Community College, AZ

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