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What is Performance Discovery?

Performance discovery is the process of observing, identifying, and aggregating indicators that reveal insights and patterns needed for performance improvement.


Record video footage directly in Vosaic. Regardless of format or device, it’s simple to transfer your projects to Vosaic.



Vosaic’s fully customizable coding template is an open canvas for you to create codes, tags, and transcripts to meet your project’s unique goals.


Built-in analysis tools allow you to search timelines, explore databases, and pinpoint key action items to discover insights and drive results.



Share assets across your campus, organization, community – or even across the globe. You also have the option to upload your videos securely to the cloud, making collaboration a snap.

Our Products


Our original desktop software, Studiocode, has the ability to capture and analyze results through endless customizable features that can be applied to any project or simulation.

Vosaic Connect

Vosaic Connect provides secure online access and allows you to code, share, and collaborate on your projects from anywhere, anytime.

Vosaic iCoda

iCoda allows you to collect data and create tags in real-time, allows you to identify behaviors and trends as they occur, while storing the data in your analytics software of choice.

"Studiocode can be used for anything you can videotape, literally. Anything that’s a moving image you can analyze. The possibilities are really endless."

Scott McDonald
Penn State University

Scott McDonald

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