K-12 Schools Engage Teachers in Professional Growth

Breathe new life into the teacher development process.

Take what is often a meaningless, perfunctory process and turn it into an effective tool for the professional growth of your teachers.

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Successfully transition graduates from students to professionals.

Use video-based self-assessment to help graduates transition from the role of student to professional in a way that successfully prepares them for the real-world.

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What is Performance Discovery?

Performance discovery is the process of recording, observing, identifying, and aggregating indicators that reveal insights and patterns needed for performance improvement.

How Performance Discovery Works

How Performance Discovery Works?

Record and upload a video of yourself, or your subjects with our mobile app or any other camera. Identify and mark important moments in the video. And finally, self-reflect or share your analysis with a subject matter expert for insight that will lead you to improvement.

Who Uses Performance Discovery

Who Uses Performance Discovery?

Principals, Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Colleges of Education, Teaching Hospitals, and others.

Vosaic Connect

Vosaic Connect is our video analysis tool for performance discovery. It helps you easily:

  • Capture video using mobile devices or other cameras
  • Add your comments and bookmarks to it using custom rubrics
  • Share and review it using your favorite devices

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Vosaic Connect
Vosaic Connect iOS App

Vosaic Connect iOS App

One of the primary features of our iOS app is video recording and uploading. Today’s iPhones and iPads produce such high quality video, in many cases, you may never need to invest in more audio/video equipment. You can also use our app to mark-up/code videos as they're being recorded.

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"Student perceptions of Vosaic Connect were overwhelmingly positive; nearly all students agreed that reflecting this way is more meaningful than writing an essay"

Tara Kaczorowski, Ph.D
Illinois State University

Tara Kaczorowski, Ph.D

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