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Code, annotate, automatically transcribe, and analyze classroom videos using AI. Generate IRR reports and export data for deeper analysis.

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Vosaic for research

Elevate Your Research with Critical Insights

With Vosaic, you can leverage AI-enhanced analysis, advanced coding features, automated video transcriptions, and dynamic reporting to pinpoint, understand, and present key insights with confidence. Effortlessly manage and analyze your research data in one proven video platform.

Vosaic's easy-to-learn platform helps:

  • Students and professors can intuitively uncover and present insights for their assignments, theses, or dissertations
  • Leverage time-saving and automatic research tools to turn data into insights
  • Simplify video analysis process with the leading coding features no-other platform provides 

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Fully Customizable Code Buttons

Whether the area of focus is math, reading, or specific behavior, the code buttons are fully customizable to fit specific research need.

Marked moments are chronologically organized on a timeline. They can be clicked on for easy replay and annotation, copied between timeline rows, or adjusted in length.

Multiple users can code same videos blindly from co-located, or geographically distributed locations.

There's no cost for users who can code and annotate videos.

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Each coded instance can be annotated using pre-defined tags and free-form comments. Multiple users can comment on each marked instance. All marked moments and annotations can be exported to a CSV file.

Accessing annotations is as easy as clicking on codes in the timeline.

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Automatic Video Transcription

Videos can be automatically transcribed in 30+ languages and dialects–with or without speaker identification. Transcriptions are fully editable and searchable.

If transcribed using speaker identification, a "Talk Time" report is automatically generated showing percentages of each speaker's talk time.

Transcripts can be exported as .VTT, .SRT, or .TXT files, and the "Talk Time" analysis can be exported to a .CSV file.

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Reports can be generated from a single video, or across multiple videos. Inter Rater Reliability (IRR) report shows a level of agreement between two coders.

Connection to the video is never lost. Each marked moment can be played from the report itself.

Reports can be exported as a CSV file for deeper analysis.

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  • Single Sign OnSSO with SAML
  • LMS IntegrationLMS Integration
  • ComplianceFERPA, COPPA, HIPPA, & WCAG Compliance

Recent Articles

Michael Tallman

"Vosaic enables me to analyze video data collaboratively with colleagues at other universities. As an educational researcher this kind of collaboration is essential since compatible interpretations of video data by independent analysts is a critical aspect of qualitative educational research."

Michael A. Tallman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, Oklahoma State University

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