Vosaic is Reshaping Teaching Communities in Maldives

Teachers in the Maldivian archipelago (of about 200 inhabited islands) are faced with the challenges of implementing a new curriculum with a focus on assessment for learning. The dissemination of associated professional learning and tools required to implement such a transition...

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Infographic: Video for Teacher Coaching

Just recently we surveyed principals, teachers, instructional coaches, and other school leaders about their understanding of video use for professional development. As a company that provides video platform for teacher coaching, observation, and evaluation we are very familiar...

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How to Budget for Professional Development of Teachers

It’s that time of year again–budgeting season is officially upon us. And a process that’s already inherently taxing is often made even more complicated by proposed budget cuts. Funding for the professional development of educators has been a recent point of contention...

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Video Extremely Effective in Learning STEM

Ormiston Junior College (OJC), a co-educational state junior college in Auckland, New Zealand, has partnered with Vosaic to highlight and replicate highly effective STEM classroom culture. With the use of drones, artificial intelligence (AI), and now Vosaic, Nicholas Pattison,...

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