Video-Assisted Debriefs for Nursing Education

Effective simulation debriefs are vital in clinical skills development. Use Vosaic's easy-to-use tools to record and live tag simulations for more effective simulation debriefs and feedback.

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Vosaic for nursing education

Debrief Experiences are Important

If students regard their debriefing to be a waste of time, they won’t make an effort to internalize the information discussed, resulting in a low rate of actual knowledge accumulation. 

Thankfully, students consistently self-report high satisfaction with their video-assisted debrief experiences. With Vosaic's time-saving features simulation debriefs are more engaging, meaningful, and efficient for students and instructors. 

Use Vosaic to:

  • Debrief from a color coded video timeline to help students easily see their reactions and develop tools to analyze them
  • Encourage positive change in student behavior
  • Live-stream simulations wirelessly to observing participants
  • Live-tag simulations with moments that have a duration
  • Record and live-tag simulations using a mobile device, webcam, or existing A/V setup
  • Record and live-tag In-Situ simulations using an iOS app, or a laptop with a webcam

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Help Students Practice & Demonstrate Skills More Often

When students become self-reflecting practitioners they are prepared to examine and refine their own practice and actions, and compare them with current best-practice recommendations and standards throughout their careers. 

Vosaic's easy-to-use tools help nursing students easily (and often) record, annotate, self-reflect, and submit videos demonstrating any skill with mobile devices or webcams. Instructors gather and review objective data that shows direct link between what was learned in lectures and demonstrated in a lab, in-situ simulation, or anywhere.

Use Vosaic to:

  • Record videos anytime, anywhere using mobile devices, webcams, or existing A/V
  • Record and tag offline with an iOS application when internet is not available (i.e. in-situ simulations)
  • Live-tag videos using any scenario with single click video tagging and annotating
  • Simplify access with SSO via SAML or LMS integration

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Why IT Teams Approve Vosaic

IT teams rest assured knowing that Vosaic's infrastructure is private, secure, and designed in compliance with COPPA, FERPA, and HIPAA. With SSO (SAML) IT teams can easily manage access campus wide.

Vosaic transmits all of your data, including video, markups, annotations, and analytics between our upload channels (i.e. mobile application and website) and servers via secure, encrypted connection. We require all traffic to go through TLS (also called SSL), which uses 128 bit, SHA256 security in accordance with industry standards. Vosaic will not send any data over unencrypted connection.

In addition, when stored, your data is encrypted using one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256).

Receive Support When (If) You Need It

Vosaic was built to be functional, reliable, and intuitive, so that students and faculty are set up for success from moment they log in for the first time. But if support and training is needed, we're here to help. 

Whether you have a question, would like to schedule a training, or provide us with feedback, we make it easy for you to reach us.

Vosaic support is available via:

Help Students Dig Deeper Into Practicing Their Skills

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  • Full Training and SupportFull Training & Support
  • Easy to use platformEasy to Use Platform
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  • Single Sign OnSSO with SAML
  • LMS IntegrationLMS Integration
  • ComplianceFERPA, COPPA, HIPPA, & WCAG Compliance

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