Video-Based & AI-Powered Teacher Coaching

Vosaic helps schools & districts reach student achievement goals by growing and retaining teachers through video-based deliberate practice and AI-powered feedback.

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Coach and Retain Teachers

Great teachers want to work at schools where they can be certain of both appreciation and support for their work. That is why schools that invest in teacher growth see fewer teachers leave and higher student achievement scores.  

Vosaic helps schools and districts retain & support teachers with evidence-based growth opportunities.

Use Vosaic to:

  • Help teachers improve through their own agency with AI-based feedback
  • Support and onboard new teachers with video-based feedback
  • Observe teachers reaching their personalized learning goals
  • Encourage deliberate practice with video & feedback
  • Encourage teachers to re-watch videos for low-stakes self-observations
  • Coach teachers in-person or remotely
  • Help coaches establish a continuous improvement process for teachers
  • Provide mechanism for teachers to more efficiently get peer feedback 
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Help Build Teacher-Coach Alliances

Teacher-coach alliance is crucial to developing a positive relationship between teachers and coaches. With Vosaic, coaches continuously collaborate with teachers around their goals, and give evidence-based feedback regularly, linking changes in behavior to teacher improvements. 

With easy-to-use pause-play-rewind and privacy features needed for low-stakes (but important) self-reflections, coaches help teachers develop a comfort with video where none existed.

Coaches use Vosaic to:

  • Review and give feedback on personalized learning goals
  • Simplify video recording, upload, and sharing
  • Help teachers ease into using video with self-reflections
  • Save on travel and time by observing teachers from anywhere, anytime
  • Link feedback to specific moments in classroom videos
  • Give objective feedback in real-time or later

Reach Goals While Saving District Resources

One of the greatest factors contributing to reaching district goals is teacher quality and continued improvement. With Vosaic schools and districts can save on time and resources through streamlined observations, frictionless technology, and personalized professional development that supports reaching district goals.

Districts use Vosaic to:

  • Increase practice in induction programs with video & feedback
  • Help school improvement officers roll out personalized professional development opportunities
  • Save instructional coaches' time and district budget with asynchronous video-based coaching 
  • Eliminate frictions with easy-to-use technology
  • Simplify access with Single Sign-On via SAML or LMS integration
  • Provide motivation for new and experienced teachers

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Be Confident in Data Security

Rest assured knowing that Vosaic's infrastructure was designed in compliance with COPPA, FERPA, and HIPAA, as well as to keep your data private and secure. With SSO (SAML) IT teams can manage access all sites.

Vosaic transmits all of your data, including video, markups, annotations, and analytics between our upload channels (i.e. mobile application and website) and servers via secure, encrypted connection. We require all traffic to go through TLS (also called SSL), which uses 128 bit, SHA256 security in accordance with industry standards. Vosaic will not send any data over unencrypted connection.

In addition, when stored, your data is encrypted using one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256).

Receive Support When (If) You Need It

Vosaic was built to be functional, reliable, and intuitive, so that our customers are set up for success from moment they log in for the first time. But if support and training is needed.

Contact us to schedule professional development sessions, ask specific questions, or share feedback. We're here to help any way we can.

Vosaic support can be accessed via:

  • Web chat
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Self-serve support articles and video tutorials

Support Your Teachers With Personalized Professional Development

Get started with Vosaic and receive:

  • Full Training and SupportFull Training & Support
  • Easy to use platformEasy to Use Platform
  • Free TrialNo Special Setup Required. Free Trial.
  • Single Sign OnSSO with SAML
  • LMS IntegrationLMS Integration
  • ComplianceFERPA, COPPA, HIPPA, & WCAG Compliance

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Kevin Chick

"When using Vosaic to review video later in my office rather than text documentation, I found my that my text documentation was filled with biases. I only documented when I saw the things I was looking for. I missed many activities while documenting."

Kevin Chick
Principal at St. Columba, Durango, CO

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