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From duration-based tagging to AI analysis, Vosaic offers a more robust feature set than any other cloud-based video platform for feedback and analysis.

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Video Recording & Uploading

With Vosaic there's no need to buy new equipment or download and install new software.

Simply use a modern browser such as Chrome, and start recording and uploading videos. If you have a mobile device, download our app to make video recording and tagging more efficient and effective.

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Duration-based Video Tagging

Vosaic is the only cloud-based video platform that lets you tag videos with moments that have a duration (clips)–not just timestamps with comments.

You simply create a set of buttons (look for's) that you can press to create a clips of practice that you want to review or add comments to. 

Additionally, you have complete control over the buttons and rubrics you use to tag videos, allowing you to analyze videos based on your specific needs.

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Clip-Based Video Commenting

Each tagged moment in Vosaic is a clip that represents evidence of practice. You can click on those clips to add comments, respond to comments by others, or self-reflect on your own practice.

Additionally, all tagged moments along with the comments can be exported as a PDF or CSV files.

The comments can be added in a text or video format.

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Video Clips Stitching Into Highlight Reels

Instead of sharing full videos, you can create highlight reels by selecting and exporting tagged moments into a separate video.

The highlight reel will contain all comments that were associated with exported moments.

If needed, all videos can be downloaded as MP4 files.

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Automated Video Transcribing

Whether your video was recorded in French, German, Spanish, or English, Vosaic will automatically transcribe it. Vosaic supports more than 30 languages and dialects.

The transcripts are fully editable, searchable, and instantly available as closed captions, making your videos more accessible.

If needed, they can be exported in several different formats.

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Talk Time Analysis

When you transcribe videos, Vosaic will detect different speakers in your video and give you a talk time analysis that you can use to get a deeper insight into recorded practice.

Not only will you get the percentage of how long each person in the video speaks, but you'll also get the percentage of silence.

This analysis can be easily exported as a CSV file.

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AI Video Analysis

Vosaic's AI Mate is an innovative feature that enhances teacher coaching and improves video analysis for research.

It utilizes the most robust Large Language Model (LLM) on the market to analyze video transcripts and give time-stamped feedback based on custom prompts.

For example, you can ask AI Mate: “Which domains of Danielson's Framework For Teaching are Used?”. The AI will complete the analysis and give you an answer that includes timestamps you can click on to review them.

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LMS Integration

If you're using Canvas, Brightspace, Moodle, or any other modern Learning Management System, you can integrate it with Vosaic.

Once integrated, you can upload videos and grade video assignments directly from your LMS.

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