Vosaic Connect

In every classroom, training scenario, or professional evaluation important learning moments and opportunities go unnoticed. Vosaic Connect helps you gather, identify, and share those moments using video.

Don’t Miss Any Facts

If you’ve ever tried to provide feedback to someone right after observing them – or worse, a day later – you know how hard it can be to accurately capture thoughts you had in the moment. Recording a video of a practice, allows you to find, and share key learning moments that are important for their professional development.

Features Overview

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Based on over 10 years of feedback we've received from Studiocode customers, we've built a cloud based video analysis platform that lets you capture, discover, mark up, annotate, review, and share performance indicators from anywhere.

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Re-watch and Re-engage

Capture and upload video using your favorite device. Watch it alone, or with your team to discover key moments you want to review.

Identify Crucial Moments

Create a set of custom buttons you and your team can press every time you see a moment you want to come back to later.

Add Comments

Use comments to describe your thinking around specific moments or to provide more detailed feedback.

Review and Collaborate

Compare how different team members viewed and marked up the same video, or share your marked up video with others for feedback.


We Take Security and Privacy Seriously

As a company we understand the sensitivity of information that is gathered, and the importance of keeping it private and secure.

Security Details

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Number of UsersIncluded Hours of Video StorageAnnual Per User PriceAnnual Per User Savings
1 - 34 - 12$299$0
4 - 516 - 20$199$100
6 - 1024 - 40$159$140
11 - 2544 - 100$119$180
26 - 100104 - 400$99$200
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Free Users

You only pay for users who can upload video. You can add unlimited number of users who can securely watch and mark up videos that have been shared with them. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about free user tier.

Annual Billing

We bill annually. If you purchase additional users during your current contract, we will prorate the cost of additional users based on the existing expiration date. Contact us if you have questions about billing.

Vosaic Connect Features Overview

Vosaic Connect is a cloud based product which means that there is nothing you need to download to your computer to use it. You can access it from any computer using a modern web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. You can also download our iOS app for additional functionality.

Due to the differences between web and mobile platforms, not all functionality is available, or behaves the same on every platform. For example, on iOS devices we take advantage of built in cameras, and on the web we take advantage of bigger screens.

Core FeaturesWeb BrowseriOS AppAndroid App
Watch marked up videosxxx
Record videosxx
Upload pre-recorded videosxx
Mark up video while recordingxx
Mark up video after recordingxxx
Use multiple forms to mark up videosx
Add comments to marked momentsx
Add tags to marked momentsx
Automated Video Transcriptionx
Manage usersx
Manage groupsx
Manage forms (custom buttons for video analysis)x
Share videosx
Update profile informationx
Adjust length of marked momentsx
Multi-user timelinex
Export data to a spreadsheet (CSV)x
Export summary report (PDF)x
Sign in with Googlexxx
Import XML from Studiocodex
Export XML for use in Studiocodex