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Vosaic practical skills

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Soft Skills Development

Are interpersonal communication skills key for student success? Chances are the answer is yes.

Vosaic allows objective feedback to be provided on even the most subjective—and elusive—soft skills. Use Vosaic to sharpen your student's ability to engage others, negotiate, persuade, read body language, and more.

Use Vosaic to:

  • Develop communication, interpersonal, and other “soft” skills
  • Pinpoint moments where individuals currently excel and others that could be improved
  • Encourage awareness of speaking tendencies and promote healthy self-reflection
  • Evaluate performance using forms that are customized to your needs
  • Encourage collaborative improvement in sales and other teams

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Sales Development Training

Your students deserve the tools they need to be their very best. Let Vosaic’s video platform be the competitive edge for your sales development training.

Vosaic’s intuitive platform allows you to capture your students doing their best—and push them to do it even better.

Use Vosaic to:

  • Record sales conversations and mock interviews for feedback
  • Annotate videos in real-time or anytime
  • Help students self-reflect on their skills
  • Provide mechanism for easy peer feedback

Public Speaking

You can easily customize Vosaic Forms to give meaningful feedback on an individual’s public speaking. Use your own markers and speaker evaluation framework within Vosaic to get the most out of the way you use video. 

Use Vosaic to:

  • Record the speaker directly to your Vosaic account on any computer or mobile device
  • Markup important parts in the video as it’s being recorded, saving the legwork of going back and searching for a certain part of the recording
  • Capture and review every aspect of the speaker’s approach—including tone, word choice, posture, facial expression and gestures
  • Easily give objective feedback, right on the platform

Help Learners Dig Deeper Into Practicing Their Skills

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  • Full Training and SupportFull Training & Support
  • Easy to use platformEasy to Use Platform
  • Free TrialNo Special Setup Required. Free Trial.
  • Single Sign OnSSO with SAML
  • LMS IntegrationLMS Integration
  • ComplianceFERPA, COPPA, HIPPA, & WCAG Compliance

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