Editing Buttons in the Video Player

Platform: Browser
User: Administrator, Educator, Learner

Administrator: by default, can edit all buttons attached to videos uploaded by anyone in their organization.
Educator: can only edit buttons attached to videos they have uploaded or captured.
Learner: can only edit buttons attached to videos they have uploaded or captured.

Editing buttons attached to a video will create a Form that is unique to that specific video. You will no longer be using any Form that may have been associated with the video.

The following steps describe how to edit buttons attached to a video.
1. Single click on a video from the Video List.
2. Click Watch and Mark Up the Video.
User-added image
3. Click the Pencil icon located on the button you want to modify.
User-added image
4. Enter the desired Button Name.
5. Check the Use as a Toggle Button (if applicable) to identify the In and Out points of a Moment.

Note: Lead and Lag time options are removed when the Toggle Button is selected.

6. Enter Lead Time.
7. Enter Lag Time.
8. Enter Hotkey.
9. Select button color.
10. Click OK.
User-added image

11. Click Yes, Change.

User-added image

Repeat steps 3-11 to edit the remaining buttons.

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