Recording Videos in a Horizontal Position on a Mobile Device

Recording videos with a mobile device is a user-friendly way to capture videos in the field or on the move. To ensure high-quality recordings with Android or iOS devices, follow these steps to record videos in the horizontal position so videos can be viewed correctly in Vosaic.

Step 1: Position Your Device Correctly

Place your mobile device on a stable, flat surface, in a horizontal position, to record a video using either the front or back camera. To avoid orientation errors when recording on an iPhone, make sure the device’s volume buttons should face downwards or hold the device with Home button on the right side.

Step 2: Adjust Settings for Quicker Uploads

Before recording, adjust your camera’s resolution to 720p in your camera device settings. This lower resolution speeds up upload and processing times in Vosaic while maintaining good video quality.

Step 3: Review Tips for Recording

  • Keep the microphone uncovered for clear audio

  • Use both hands or a tripod for stability to minimize shaking

  • Maintain the camera level with the subject

  • Optimize lighting conditions to enhance visibility and reduce shadows

  • Consider the angle to optimize the viewer's perspective

Step 4: Additional Considerations

When using the Vosaic iOS App, be sure to tap “Done” to begin uploading and processing your video. Failure to do so may result in the video not being saved.

If your video is accidentally recorded in the vertical position and uploaded to Vosaic, select the video and use the orientation correction feature to rotate it by 90 degrees to the correct landscape orientation.

Step 5: External Microphones

External microphones provide additional flexibility and enhance audio quality. Consider using a wireless microphone connected to your device. Below are a few microphones we recommend exploring.

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