Video: Marking (Coding) Videos

What's a Markup Form?

Forms are collections of buttons that you use to mark up important moments in videos. Once a form is created, it can be used to mark up all videos you upload to your account.

Who Can Create a Form?

Only users in Educator or Administrator roles can create Forms.

Create a New Form

Click the Forms tab in the top navigation. Select Create New Form below the main navigation tab. A new form will appear; from here, you can edit the form name, add buttons, and set the privacy setting.

You can also create a form within the video markup page. Simply select the Form Tab in the upper right and select "New Form" from the dropdown.

Marking Up a Video

To add a form and begin marking up a video, select the Form Tab in the upper right and select the desired form from the dropdown. The form and associated buttons will appear in the form column and in the video's timeline. The timeline, which displays all buttons used for a particular form, makes it easy to return to specific points in the video for later review.

To mark up the video using form buttons, simply click the buttons at the desired point in the video. The moment will appear in the timeline.

Editing Forms & Moments

To edit a moment in the timeline, click and drag the middle of the moment to move it to a different point in the video. To adjust moment length, click and drag just one of the yellow handles at the ends of the moment.

Forms can also be edited from the video markup screen. To add a new button to a form, click "Add Button" on the Forms & Moments Column, name the button, set the lead/lag times, desired hotkey and button color. To edit an existing button, select the button's pencil icon.

Using the Moments Tab

The Moments Tab, accessible via the toolbar in the upper right of the screen, or by clicking any moment in the timeline, provides powerful tools to review and further markup video. This tab displays all moments in your timeline, and allows you to select a moment to:

  • Add tags,
  • Use the Looping Function to Add Notes, or
  • Delete a Moment

Tip: You can also add moments and notes by selecting the note button in the lower right of the video window and using the dropdown menu. Moments containing notes will be indicated with a yellow bar.

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