Instance Frequency Report

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If measuring the duration of instances is of importance, the Instance Frequency Report might be of value. This report is a native Studiocode report that quantifies instance durations in terms of rows, not instance by instance. (more on instance by instance duration reporting at the bottom of this article)

The following instructions explain how to generate the Instance Frequency Report
1. Open the desired timeline
2. If you wish to generate the Instance Frequency Report only on a subset of the rows (as opposed to all the rows) in the timeline, select those now.
3. Go to File > Export > Instance Frequency Report
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4. In the following window, choose the desired set of rows the report should be based on, and which application the report should be generated in.
a. Output Window will generate the report in a Studiocode Window that is printable
b. Excel file will generate the report in an Excel file. Note, having Excel on the Mac is necessary for this option.
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5. The following picture is an example of the Instance Frequency Report in an Output Window.
Name = Row name
count = number of instances in the given row
Total time = Total duration of all the instances in the given row. (HH:MM:SS.hh)
% = percentage of the time that the instances in the given row make up, relative to the duration of the entire movie
mean time = mean time per instance for the given row (HH:MM:SS.hh)
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If you're looking for instance by instance duration, a Statistical Window would be best. A sample Statistical Window for this purpose can be found here.

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