Studiocode Tutorials | 1.5 Capabilities - Stacking Movies

NOTE: Beginning December 31st, 2017, development of Studiocode and iCoda will stop and new licenses will not be available for purchase. Please consider Vosaic as a replacement. Read More.


Studio code allows you to play two different movies side by side for comparison during coding. This is particularly useful if you're trying to code different vantage points or angles of the same event.

For example in this intersection video you can see that I've drawn a little circle here are around the taxi about to make a right turn. That's the same taxi that's making a turn that I'm drawing a circle around on the other angle so same taxi just same intersection just two different angles of the same movie so let's just play the movie so you can see how they sink together and I have all the same capabilities like pausing or rewinding fast-forwarding.

So what I next want to draw your attention to is the fact that there's a person about to cross the crosswalk in this video where my mouse is on the right but he's a little hard to see he's actually completely off screen on the left angle so what's nice is that I can actually close one angle zoom in so to speak here on one angle and play and let's say I want to code exactly when he crosses the street I'll just click pedestrian here so that marks in when he enters the intersection then I'll let it play and it's a little difficult to see when he's going to exit so this is where my second angle would come in useful so I can zoom in over here and see exactly when he crosses the street and he's out of the crosswalk so I can mark out there.

Now you can see that I get the instance right here in the timeline I can double click and watch that stretch a video as he crosses the intersection so side by side viewing of different angles is called stacking.

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