Studiocode Tutorials | 1.6 Capabilities - Code Mode Post-Capture

NOTE: Beginning December 31st, 2017, development of Studiocode and iCoda will stop and new licenses will not be available for purchase. Please consider Vosaic as a replacement. Read More.


I'm still capturing here and if you've watched the previous tutorial you know that you we can use code mode while we're capturing to code at our leisure.

But at this point let's say we're done with the actual capture so I'll go ahead and stop the recording or the capture here give it a second and then the movie package here which is the movie window and timeline completes and just stays open on the screen so now the recordings or the capture is complete.

I can click and drag the playhead get to any point in the video really easily so in a very similar way to how I used code mode during the capture I can also use code mode post capture that looks like this. When I enter code mode the video starts playing right away then I'm afforded those same luxuries of being able to pause the video rewind maybe navigate actually on the timeline by clicking and dragging the playhead like this but the real benefit to this is being able to code at your own pace because very often there will be too many things that are happening in the video for you to keep up with at the pace of live action.

So now that I can pause the video let's just say I wanted to code all the time that a pedestrian a bicycle or a stroller was in the intersection at some point so I can see a bicyclist in there. Now let's just say I can rewind to the point actually I see some pedestrians too so let's just arbitrarily start here at the bottom of the screen I can see some pedestrians starting to enter so I'll mark in with pedestrians let them cross.

I see some bicyclists enter so I'll click on the bicycle button to mark in and now there's about two things about to happen at the same time so I can actually just rewind to get more specific. If I want I can move frame by frame. Let's say the pedestrians exit now and the bicyclists exit now so you can see that being able to pause and rewind allows you to mark in with an unlimited number of different codes either independently or simultaneously which should help the efficiency of your coding.

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