Studiocode Tutorials | 1.8 Capabilities - Analysis

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In this demo I'm going to give you a quick overview of the matrix.

Very simply the matrix is a grid. What makes the matrix really powerful is that it allows you to filter for multiple layers of data while also tying the video to the numbers. So for example if I wanted to find all the times that the bus entered the intersection from the north I could single click on this cell here so in other words there are nine bus instances that have a North label on it. If I double-click on that cell it actually pulls up just those nine instances in this new movie window here.

If I wanted to filter for an additional layer of information for example I wanted to find all the bus instances where it entered from the east and made a turn I could double-click on this cell and in this case obviously we see there's a two it'll pull up just those two instances here.

Another great feature is that I can click and drag this little slider bar at the bottom of the matrix and you can see the curtain on the timeline also react accordingly and the numbers just adjust. Based on what range of the timeline I choose to have visible so in this case all the numbers reflect just the space between the curtains I'll go ahead and put those back I can also easily export the matrix as a table to a text file or an excel file so that I can make use of that information in a place outside of studio code as well, if that's necessary, and lastly you should be aware that the matrix is a template file so the numbers in any matrix really just read whatever movie package or aggregate movie package you put behind it.

So for example in this case the matrix is reading this movie package that's called intersection one but for sake of example I'm going to open intersection to which is a different movie package it's been coated very similarly but obviously the numbers are different because it was a different day and time or a different intersection so I'll link this matrix to this new movie package or timeline here and then watch the numbers and the matrix just regenerate. So now this matrix just reflects the coding and labeling on this particular movie package.

There's many other features that are very useful with matrix but these are a few of the more commonly used ones to get you started.

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