Studiocode Tutorials | 5.19 Manual Creation of Movie Packages - Combine Timeline Movies w/o Movies

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In this video tutorial we're going to go over combined time lines without combining the movie.

So you should already know how to combine timelines so I'll just go through this quickly we'll go to a file combine timeline movies. You can see I have two movie packages open already. I'm going to choose each of these movie packages so here's one or add that to my selection here's number two that's my selection I'll hit combined and I'll call this combined timeline. Again I'm gonna pay attention to where I'm putting this I want to put this let's say I don't see the desktop on this list so I can just go over here to the side bar and choose the desktop here but um you're moving your save window might look like this instead as well but in some cases you will be combining many different movie packages and the processor in the Mac will have a limitation on how many it can combine just might not function very smoothly.

So in order to still be able to get a cumulative look at multiple or information from multiple movie packages without needing the computer to crunch through all the video we can simply check the box do not create movie at this point so when I do that I'll hit save and you can see that the combined timeline opened up here. I'll close the initial movie packages and you can see here that the combined timeline is open and it has all the information from both movie packages however the movie was not generated itself so if you have to combine many different movie packages where the computer is struggling to keep up with the amount of movie it has to process this is a nice alternative.

The exact number of movies is dependent upon the resolution the specs of your machine and a few other variables so it's hard to give a specific threshold upon which combining a timeline without the movies is necessary.

To be clear since there isn't any movie associated with this combined timeline I won't be able to watch an instance per se however I could look at a matrix or use any of the other features in Studiocode that don't involve actually opening a movie.

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