Studiocode Tutorials | 5.8 Manual Creation of Movie Packages - Save as Reference Package

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In this video tutorial we're going to cover what we call a reference movie package.

You should already know what a standalone movie package is in that the movie and the timeline is self contained inside a package. So I have a standalone movie package open right now also sometimes we call a standalone movie package simply a movie package so I have one of those open right now you can see the icon for it over here on the desktop it's called intersection one but eventually sometimes you may want to code or have a colleague code in a discrete coding area in other words like a maybe for inter-rater reliability purposes or to do some blind coding where a second person wants to code without having to be distracted or or a look at something that someone has already coded.

So in that case we can open up a movie package like I have here. Go to file save as reference package so as that name suggests and then click here in case your window looks like this as that name suggests meaning the reference package the file that we're going to save here is going to refer to the source movie package so maybe I'll call this intersection one and I'll give it my initials in that I'm the person that's going to be coding this file and again I'll be sure to pay attention where I'm saving it I'll save it on the desktop and I'll hit create so you can see momentarily that I have a second movie package open here or sorry a second movie package that in this case is a reference package it's called inter section one dash JT and here's the initial movie package.

I will close this one and open this will be packaged now going back to that example I described earlier if I wanted to code this movie package or reference package without having to see what someone has previously coated I could simply do that open a code window and begin to code the same way.

Other things you might want to be aware of if this is a workflow that you're interested in is that the names of the actual code buttons should be uniquely identified so that when you end up comparing the two independent timelines meaning this reference package and the original package the two rows don't overwrite each other based on the name.

Also another takeaway to be aware of is that let me close this reference package close the timeline you can see that the reference package looks in terms of the icon exactly like the movie package if I double click on it it opens up and looks exactly like the initial movie package as well however the advantage of using a reference package in this case is let me single click on it there I'll do command I on the keyboard which opens up this long information window and you can see that the size of this is only 3 megabytes so that's what a reference file means it doesn't duplicate all the video it just is referring to the actual source package here so again when I double-click and I'm watching the movie in the reference package it's actually pulling the movie from inside this standalone package which affords me the capability of making many different reference packages.

If I have many colleagues that need to close code blindly without having to duplicate that space so that means I just need to be aware of the fact that any reference package actually needs its source or standalone package in order for it to work so said differently don't trash the standalone package or else the reference package will not work similarly if you move the reference or standalone package try to move them together as then keep them in the same folder and just move the folder to an external hard drive or maybe another device is you need to do that.

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