Studiocode Tutorials | 6.4 Labels & Groups - Block Labels Unless Last Down

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In this video tutorial we're going to cover how to block all labels and block all labels unless it's the last code button down so in order for this tutorial to make sense you should have already watched the default label behaviors tutorial.

You can see on my screen that I already have a code window open and I have this code button selected. Not a label but a code button selected which has a lead time before no lag time and since you already have a sense of how labels behave by default what I want to demonstrate is this checkbox that says block all labels.

So if I check that box for taxi the way that behaves now is that if I go to code mode and again this functionality is specific to code mode and capture mode that if I mark in with this code button and I click on any number of labels because I've checked that box block all labels and I mark out of taxi now.

Now let's hover over the instance. You can see that that code button or now instance did not get any labels applied to it that's what let me go back to edit mode. That's what block all labels does is it blocks all labels from being applied to the given instance created by the code button.

Now let's talk about "unless last down" so it means this code button now is going to block all labels unless it's the last button down pushed down in other words the last button activated. So again this is talking about code buttons and the way labels are applied to them as opposed to actually talking about the label itself, right. I'm talking about a code button so if I go back to code mode here i'm going to fast-forward away a little bit from this first instance and now let's mark in with to code buttons. So I'll mark in with taxi. First I'll play the video a little bit and now let's make a point of noticing that aisle marking with bus later on or second and because bus now. And remember let's think of the code buttons like physical.

Let me pause the video for a second so that you know the buttons have states I can push them down to mark in or let them up to mark out so if these were physical buttons I pushed both of them down and the bus button is the last button I push down in terms of these code buttons so remember on the taxi button specifically I've checked the box that says unless last down so in this case if it's not the last down button if I click on any labels theoretically the taxi button should not be able to accept those labels. So let's end both of the codes which creates the instances. Now let's hover over and you can see that taxi has no labels while bus does. So that's how unless last down affects the code buttons behave ability to accept labels if it's the only code button that's pushed down it will be considered the last one down and accept labels.

This functionality is most commonly used in situations where there is a particular sequence of events that equate to code buttons that happen so maybe you click on a few different code buttons in a particular sequence and it's always the terminating or last event that is a particular interest so that typically you might add a bunch of labels to further describe the last event that was coded. So if you have a situation like that this might be some helpful functionality.

Thanks for watching.

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