Studiocode Tutorials | 7.2 Matrix - Default Matrix View

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In this video tutorial we'll talk about the layout of a default matrix.

So I just opened a matrix from the timeline and I just want to talk a little bit about the rows and columns and the layout of the matrix. So you can see that the rows here in the matrix correspond to the rows in the timeline and hopefully you know that the rows in the timeline were initially created by the corresponding code buttons in a code window as opposed to labels so if you follow that logic code buttons in the code window translate two rows in the timeline and matrix as opposed to labels.

So this north south east west labels buttons are labels here in the timeline I mean sorry in the code window and you can see those that you can see that those translate two columns here in the matrix so codes are rose labels are columns and let's double click on this east label you can see that the group is enters so when you create a group on a label in the code window that's manifested in the matrix appear above the columns in this fashion word categorizes or organizes your labels according to groups.

So by looking at this we can tell that in the bus row there are basically nine instances that have the North label on it so for example I'm zoomed in on the timeline a little bit here so you can see these instances a little bit better. Let me zoom in there and you can see that some are selected there that's because I single clicked on this nine so let's say if I single click on this five there are some other instances selected there so by single clicking on those instances sorry single clicking on these cells I can find or filter for these selected instances very quickly and if I double click on this cell it'll actually make the movie of all in this case nine instances in a single movie window here pretty simple and a great way to link your statistics to evidence.

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