Studiocode Tutorials | 9.1 Sorter Window - Sorter vs. Transcription Window

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In this video tutorial we're going to introduce you to this order window and talk about it in relation to the transcription window.

So quickly I'm just going to select this given row and click on the sorter icon on the timeline. It will take those selected instances from that given row and dump them into disorder and I'll do come back here just to point out the fact that the taxpayer is still selected and this time I'll click on the transcription button and that dumps those instances into the transcription window.

There will be other tutorials to go over that process more specifically but for now I just want to orient you to the fact that these two windows this order window and a transcription window you can see look very similar.

They share many of the same features and functionality. However, what's important to know in studio code version 10 and beyond is that this order window has all the functionality of the transcription window and then some so if you've only used transcription windows thus far we would recommend using sorters moving forward. If you only have transcription windows already created that's fine you can continue to use them in version 10 as well but if you're starting from scratch we would recommend you in this order window briefly the couple of items and there will be other video tutorials that cover this more specifically but the couple of features that are most commonly used that are available in this order that are not in a transcription window you might notice are this picture column doesn't exist.

The picture column here and this order window does not exist at all in the transcription window. That gives you the capability to drop in an image and basically acts as a title slide before each row. Also the speaker column in the transcription window here column 7 I'm gonna move it over here by clicking-and-dragging correlates to the row name column in a sorter window.

So those you can both see our name tacky that comes from the name of the row in the timeline in the transcription window. It's just called speaker because this window is oriented more towards transcribers and even if you are a transcriber actually typing what's being said by a participant in the video we would still recommend using this order.

The other feature that's more commonly used or commonly used in this order that's not available in the transcription window is this nest sorting. Again there will be a more specific tutorial on that but basically that's the ability to sort rows or by frequency and then within that sort sorted yet so check out the video tutorial on that for a better idea of what that looks like.

Thanks for watching.

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