Studiocode Tutorials | 9.4 Sorter Window - Positioning Sorter Window

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In this video tutorial we're going to introduce you to the position button on the sorter window.

The position button just automatically rearranges the movie package and sorter windows to maximize your screen real estate. So if I single click on the position button you can see that in this case the sorter window was put down at the bottom of my screen and gives me this nice perspectives that I can see the whole spreadsheet of this order and it puts the timeline up here in the top right-hand corner.

Another helpful thing to do is to check this box just above the row names on the timeline and then after that single click on the time ref any time reference self just single click on this first one and notice now that the little looping markers which we touch on another video tutorials actually grab this first instant so if i click on different time stamp cells the playhead just reacts accordingly in the timeline.

Maybe also worth pointing out is that if you want to maximize all the screen real estate you could even close the movie package and just manually click and drag the bottom corner of this sort of window and it will you know fill more of the screen.

I can see more of the information in mice order even if i watch an instance movie by double clicking on one of those rows it'll go and retrieve that video from the source movie package. Since it's a reference file just be sure not to move or remove the movie package.

So I hope that helps give you a little better idea of how to orient the windows. Thanks for watching.

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