Studiocode Tutorials | 9.9 Sorter Window - Instance Edit Movie Icon in Sorter

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In this video tutorial we're going to cover the Edit instance movie icon on this order.

So that's this icon here. It just says edit. Notice that I have the first instance or row selected. In this order I'll single click on the Edit instance button and then up pops the movie of just that given instance. So this windows nice because I can just single click on a different time stamp or row and I can get just that movie right away.

You might notice that when this instance finishes it just stops. The movie just stops playing at the end. That's actually a preference that you can control by going to Studio code preferences. Go to the windows area and then right here where it's a sorter edit instance movie you can see that the default is stop at the end of the instance.

If that makes sense let's try go to next instance of it okay and let's play this instance. When this instance finishes it will just automatically jump to the next instance there but it's paused at the beginning right and then you might have seen the last option which is go to next instance and play. Hopefully that makes sense now.

Let's play this instance when it reaches the end. This time it'll go to the next instance and start playing automatically. Also worth noting on the instance edit window this is very similar to the instance edit window on the that you would use on the timeline and that you can use these arrows on the top left and top right to adjust the mark in and mark out times.

The top two arrows in there on the right represent the mark out and the top the arrows on the top left represent the mark in. To the left makes it longer on the beginning one to the right makes it shorter on the front end and then there will be other tutorials to show you how to sync these changes from the sorter back to your timeline.

Thanks for watching.

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