Use Video To Bridge the Gap Between Theory and Reality

Use video-based self-assessment to help graduates transition from the role of student to professional in a way that successfully prepares them for the real-world.

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Marking Video On The Web With Vosaic

Use Vosaic's Video Platform To:

  • Help students demonstrate knowledge and skills.
  • Directly link methods coursework with student field experiences.
  • Develop self-reflective practitioners.
  • Easily recognize important patterns in students’ practice.
  • Closely examine teaching and learning environments for research.
  • Easily work with multiple coders for IRR

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  • Can record videos of their practice using the Vosaic iOS app or any other camera.
  • Can mark-up videos using predefined self-reflection forms and add timestamped comments.
  • Privately self-reflect on their videos
  • Attach supporting documents to videos.
  • Create, export and share video highlights with peers or professors for feedback.

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Course Instructors

Course Instructors

  • Can provide highly specific time stamped feedback to students.
  • Allow multiple students to blindly code single video for (IRR).
  • Reflect on their own instruction.
  • Conduct more effective peer mentoring sessions.

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Vosaic chronologically and graphically organizes codes that are directly associated with segments of video. In addition, videos can be blind coded by multiple co-located or geographically distributed users; transcriptions can be automatically created and downloaded; and finally the video coding results can be exported as CSV files for a deeper analysis.

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Key Features

Key Features

  • Cloud based, so it works on a Mac or a PC
  • Easy video upload and recording using any camera including mobile devices.
  • Custom video coding forms
  • Fixed and variable length codes
  • Codes displayed in a timeline below the video for easy navigation
  • Timestamped commenting
  • Automated video transcription
  • CSV export of all codes and comments

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Kathy Nitta

"Vosaic has the potential to transform teacher education by making clear connections between theory and practice."

Kathleen (Kathy) Nitta
Lecturer - Gonzaga

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