Use Video to Bridge the Gap Between Theory and Reality

Use video-based self-assessment to help graduates transition from the role of student to professional in a way that successfully prepares them for the real-world.


"I really enjoyed using Vosaic Connect. It was fun to be able to code videos from the lessons either I or my group taught. It helped me learn the different phases of a lesson and what/how it can be improved in different aspects".

- Teacher Candidate from BYU

"I loved the ability to mark points in my video that are important to highlight. There were also things I noticed in my teaching after I watched the recording that I did not catch during my teaching period".

- Teacher Candidate from Gonzaga University

"I could easily review my video and actually see how my teaching went. This is better than just using my memory because I might have thought something went really well or really bad. But watching the marked up video in Vosaic Connect showed me what it actually looked like and what to focus on".

- Teacher Candidate from Illinois State University

Prepare Graduates to Become Reflective Practitioners

Use Vosaic Connect to help your graduates embrace video as means of proving and improving their practice. It's simple and easy to use, yet powerful as it helps them learn by observing, annotating, and coding videos of their own practice, or the practice of their peers.

From Studiocode to Vosaic Connect

Based on over 10 years of feedback we've received from Studiocode customers, we've built a cloud based platform that lets you capture, mark up, annotate, review, and share video analysis from anywhere. Get started today for free.

Custom Video Coding Forms

With Vosaic Connect custom video coding forms can be created for teacher candidates to use for self-reflection, or researchers to uncover new insights.

Evidence Based Self-Reflection

Because Vosaic Connect combines practice with video evidence, the resulting self-reflection or observation becomes truly objective and far more meaningful. It provides the instructors with evidence based insight into what graduates are doing to improve their practice.

For Teacher Candidates

  1. Candidates record videos of their practice using the Vosaic Connect iOS app or any other camera.
  2. Candidates mark-up videos using predefined self-reflection forms and add timestamped comments.
  3. The self-reflection is privately shared with a professor or a peer for feedback.

For Researchers

Vosaic Connect chronologically and graphically organizes codes that are directly associated with segments of video. In addition, videos can be blind coded by multiple co-located or geographically distributed users. Finally the results can be exported as CSV files for deeper analysis.


We Take Security and Privacy Seriously

As a company we understand the sensitivity of information that is gathered, and the importance of keeping it private and secure.

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