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Vosaic's online video submission & analysis platform helps students and educators easily record, upload, mark-up or code videos for feedback and self-reflection. Vosaic's video analysis features help researchers easily collect and code videos for IRR.

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How Vosaic Works

1:30 Video Highlighting What Makes Vosaic Unique


See what makes Vosaic unique, and why Dr. Kaczorowski prefers clips with comments over freeze-frames for student self-reflections.

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Use Vosaic's Video Submission & Analysis Platform To:

  • Help students demonstrate knowledge and skills.
  • Directly link methods coursework with student field experiences.
  • Develop self-reflective practitioners.
  • Easily recognize important patterns in students’ practice.
  • Closely examine teaching and learning environments for research.
  • Easily work with multiple coders for IRR.
  • Collaborate with other researchers.
  • Automatically transcribe videos to get a head-start on your research.
  • Rest assured knowing that Vosaic's infrastructure was designed in compliance with COPPA, FERPA, and HIPAA, as well as to keep your data private and secure.

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Trusted By Universities Worldwide, Including:

Trusted by universities worldwide
Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits

  • Unlimited free users
  • Easy video recording and tagging using laptops or iOS devices
  • Ability to tag, comment on, and share video clips instead of just timestamps
  • Ability to create and export video highlights for certification
  • Automatic transcription with speaker identification
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) using SAML
  • LMS Integration (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, etc)
  • Free training & support

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Vosaic for Students Teachers

With Vosaic, pre-service teachers can:

  • Record videos of their practice using the Vosaic iOS app or any other camera.
  • Mark-up (code) videos using predefined self-reflection forms and add timestamped comments.
  • Self-reflect on their videos
  • Attach supporting documents to videos.
  • Create, export and share video highlights with peers or professors for feedback.

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Illinois State University

"I really like using Vosaic. I think it is more useful than writing a paper, because you get a clear understanding for what we are reflecting on. Whoever is looking over our reflections can read our comments and then get clear visual of what we are talking about."

College of Education, Illinois State University

Vosaic for Professors of Education

Vosaic for Professors of Education

With Vosaic professors at colleges of education:

  • Provide highly specific time stamped feedback to students.
  • Allow multiple students to blindly code single video for (IRR).
  • Reflect on their own instruction.
  • Conduct more effective peer mentoring sessions.

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Michael A. Tallman

"Vosaic enables me to analyze video data collaboratively with colleagues at other universities. As an educational researcher this kind of collaboration is essential since compatible interpretations of video data by independent analysts is a critical aspect of qualitative educational research."

Michael A. Tallman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, Oklahoma State University

Video Analysis for Researchers

Vosaic chronologically and graphically organizes codes that are directly associated with segments of video. In addition, videos can be blind coded by multiple co-located or geographically distributed users; transcriptions can be automatically created and downloaded; and finally the video coding results can be exported as CSV files for a deeper analysis.

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Video Analysis for Researchers
Vosaic's Key Video Analysis Features

Vosaic's Key Video Analysis Features

  • Cloud based, so it works on a Mac or a PC
  • Easy video upload and recording using any camera including mobile devices.
  • Custom video coding forms
  • Fixed and variable length codes
  • Codes displayed in a timeline below the video for easy navigation
  • Timestamped commenting
  • Automated audio and video transcription
  • CSV export of all codes and comments

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Kathy Nitta

"Vosaic has the potential to transform teacher education by making clear connections between theory and practice."

Kathleen (Kathy) Nitta
Lecturer - Gonzaga

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