AVS Audio to Video Converter

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This article explains how to convert .wma file to .mov.

Windows Media Audio (.wma) files are obviously made to run on Windows machines so the following instructions are meant to be executed on a PC or in a Windows environment. Alternatively, you could install VMware Fusion on your Mac and run Windows on that side of the virtual machine.

VMware Fusion: Run Windows on Mac for Desktop Virtualization

.wma to .mov Conversion

  1. Purchase, download and install AVS Video Converter. If you don't have Windows Movie Maker, download and install that as well.
  2. Open Windows Movie Maker.
  3. Click on "Import Audio," browse to the WMA file you want to convert, and open it. It will come into the "Collections" bin at the top.
  4. If you would like a visual background for your MOV file, import that as well by going to "Import Picture." Browse to the picture you want to use, and open it. Drag both from the "Collections" bin to the timeline. Use the mouse to pull on the end of the picture in the timeline to lengthen it so it runs as long as the audio.
  5. Click on "Save to the Web." Name your file and pick where you want to save it. Then click "Next." Select the quality settings you want and click "Next." Save it as an AVI.
  6. Open AVS Video Converter 6.
  7. Click on the browse button to find the AVI you just saved and open it.
  8. Click on the "To MOV" icon at the top. Click "Convert Now." Your WMA file is now a MOV file.
  9. Copy the .mov file to your Mac and it is ready to be linked to a timeline in order to create a movie package.

**Note: depending on what other movie files you are working with, additional conversion might be necessary with a tool such as the Elgato Turbo264 HD in the Mac environment.

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