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Connect Glossary of Terms

The following is a glossary of terms used within Connect.


Administrator: User role that can manage all videos, perform all actions without restrictions, and can manage billing.

Button: Used to mark up moments in a video.

Educator: User role that can watch, and mark up all videos they have access to. They can not manage billing.

Form: Template of buttons used to mark up video.

Group: Customized group of individuals within your Connect organization.

Hotkey: Individual keyboard letter assigned to a button when marking up video.

Lag Time: Amount of time added to the end of a moment after a button has been pressed.

Lead Time: Amount of time added to the beginning of a moment after a button has been pressed.

Learner: Can watch, and mark up videos they have access to.

Mark Up: Process of creating Moments in the timeline.

Moment: Event identified in the timeline after a button has been pressed.

Tag: A descriptor added to a Moment. Tags can only be added to Moments while Marking-Up pre-recorded video.

Toggle Button: Button that is pressed once to mark the beginning of a moment, and pressed again to mark the end of the moment.

Users: Individuals within your Connect organization.

Viewer: Can watch videos they have access to.

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