Create a Project/Assignment/Course

Platform: Browser

Available to users in Administrator and Educator roles.

The Projects feature in Vosaic helps you apply a number of settings settings to all videos uploaded to that Project. If you wish to create a new Project, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Vosaic account using a browser
  2. Select “Projects” in the menu bar.
  3. Press the “Create New Project” buttonCreate New Project
  4. Enter the “Project Name”, select Project color, and select a “Vosaic Form” that will be used on all videos uploaded to this project. NOTE: If you are using “Form Categories”, you’ll need to select a category first.Select Form for Project
  5. Follow the instructions for each of the optional fields to complete the settings for the project and press “Save Changes” when done.
    NOTE: If you’re not the only person that will be uploading videos to this Project, please make sure to select “Who Can Upload Videos to This Project?” by pressing the “Add Groups or Users” button.
  6. After saving changes, your project will appear in your list of projects.
    Project List

    Users who have access to this project will be able to see it in the “Select a Project” drop-down on the “Add New Video” screen
    Select project when adding a video

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