Video: Creating Markup Forms

What's a Markup Form?

Forms are collections of buttons that you use to mark up important moments in videos. Once a form is created, it can be used to mark up all videos you upload to your account.

Who Can Create a Form?

Only users in Educator or Administrator roles can create Forms.

Create a New Form

Click the Forms tab in the top navigation. Select Create New Form below the main navigation tab. A new form will appear; from here, you can edit the form name, add buttons, and set the privacy setting.

You can also create a form within the video markup page. Simply select the Form Tab in the upper right and select "New Form" from the dropdown. There is no limit to the number of forms you can create, and each form can have up to 25 buttons.

Marking Up a Video

To mark up a video using buttons, simply click your desired buttons at points you want to mark in the video. Each time you click a button, a moment will appear in the timeline. This makes it easy to mark footage you want to review.

Tip: To make this process even quicker, utilize Vosaic's hotkey marking function. This allows you to set a character on the keyboard to add moments to the timeline.

Using Lead/Lag Time Buttons

These buttons, which appear with square edges on the forms tab, use customizable lead and lag times to determine moment length. When you click on a lead/lag time button, a moment spanning from the beginning of the lead time to the end of the lag time will appear in the timeline. You can adjust these times to fit the way you use Vosaic.

Using Toggle Buttons

Toggle buttons allow you to set the length of a moment as you mark up a video. To create a moment using a toggle button, press the button once to mark the start of the moment and again to mark the end. Lead time can also be added to toggle buttons.

Toggle buttons appear with rounded edges, and need to be pressed twice.

Editing Buttons

To edit any button, press the pencil icon to open the "Edit Button" dialogue. Here, you can edit the button name or lead/lag time, change the hotkey, adjust button color, and add tags. Tags can be anything you want, including text and numbers.

You can also set the privacy setting of your form from the "Edit Button" page. Note: When forms are shared with others in your organization, they will automatically turn public.

Copying a Form

To make a copy of a form, select the form from the Forms tab in the main navigation. Then, select "Copy As..." from the upper right.

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