Recording and Uploading Video to Vosaic from an Android Phone

Platform: Browser
Users: Administrator, Educator, Learner

The following steps describe how to record and upload video to Vosaic by logging onto a web browser on an Android phone.
1. Open a web browser on your Android phone and login to your Vosaic account.

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3. Enter the name of the video in the Enter Video Name field.
4. Tap the Select Button Form To Use Form Marking Up This Video to select the Form you want to apply to the video.
5. Enter date if applicable.

Note: The default date is the date the video is uploaded to Vosaic.
Uploaded videos will be organized by date in the Video List.
6. Tap Save & Continue to Upload.

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7. Tap Choose Video.
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8. Tap ALLOW.
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9. Tap Camcorder.
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10. Tap Record to start recording video.
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11. Tap Stop when recording is complete.
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12. Tap OK.
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