Studiocode License Formatting

NOTE: Beginning December 31st, 2017, development of Studiocode and iCoda will stop and new licenses will not be available for purchase. Please consider Vosaic as a replacement. Read More.

A typical Studiocode license resembles the following:

User-added image

Each element of a Studiocode license has a specific purpose.

A. The first five or six digits of any license are a unique identifier. In other words, no two licenses share the same first string of digits before the first hyphen. However, a given license may have different versions. For example, in the case of the picture above, the license 12345 is a V10 license. If an upgrade to V11 was purchased, there would be a V11 license issued also beginning with 12345, but that would be considered the same license. The V11 license could only be registered on the same Mac that the V10 license was registered unless the V10 license was deregistered first. If the V10 license was deregistered first, then the V11 license would be able to be registered on any Mac (that met the minimum specs).

B. The string of seven digits are unique to each specific version of Studiocode. In other words, in the case of the picture above, if an upgrade to V11 was purchased, the string of seven digits would change for V11 even though the string of first five digits would stay the same.

C. The version number that the license pertains to is denoted in this string. Studiocode versions traditionally have made single unit increases between versions, but jumped from V5 to V10 in the summer of 2015. Single unit increases can be expected for V11 and beyond.

D. The string of characters that identify the purchasing or leasing institution.

E. If a license contains a string of characters such as the one pictured above with <DE812>, this means it's a license that will expire. The three numerals in this string identify when the license will expire. In the case of the picture above (812)...

  • 8 = the last digit of the year that the license will expire. In this case, 2018
  • 12 = the week number in the calendar year that the license will expired. In this case, the twelfth week of the year.
  • It's important to either deregister an expiring license prior to the week that it is set to expire, or contact your Studiocode Group representative to obtain a renewal license.

If a license does not contain such a string, it means that it was a perpetual license, which are no longer available in V10 and beyond.

F. If you enter a Studiocode license in a registration window (as pictured above), a check mark at the end of the line only means that you have entered a Studiocode license in the proper format.

  • It does not mean that the license is meant for that Mac
  • It does not mean that the license is available
  • It does not mean that the license is already registered
  • It does not mean that the license is already registered on the that Mac

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