Studiocode Tutorials | 1.3 Capabilities - Code Mode During Capture

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If your work requires that you live capture and code but the amount of information you're trying to code in real time is happening too quickly on the screen a useful feature might be using code mode while you're capturing.

You can see that I have a capture window in here open which is recording or capturing the video in real time but just behind it I also have open a movie window. So this is the movie window this is the capture window. What's nice about having a movie window open while you're capturing is that you can see what you've recorded so far while you're recording so you can see I can just click and drag this playhead.

I can play I can pause I can fast-forward I can rewind I can do all those types of things and the movie window reflects wherever the playhead is in the timeline all the while my capture can still be happening in the background so this affords me a couple other luxuries which namely if I go to code mode on the capture window here you can see code mode is entered on the or sorry code mode on the code window you can see that I'm in code mode now and now I can code at my leisure.

I can pause the video like I said I can fast forward but let's say I'm going to rewind here and I'm going to code the amount of time these pedestrians are in the crosswalk at the bottom of the screen but I don't need to be in a rush now since I can pause the video so I'll click on pedestrian here. I'll play the video watch them walk across okay let's say they're out of the crosswalk there and I'll click on the pedestrian again to mark out.

So this is how you can use code mode while you're capturing to code at a pace that's more practical for your work.

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