Studiocode Tutorials | 6.7 Labels & Groups - Deactivation Links and Labels

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In this video tutorial we're going to talk about deactivation links specifically as they relate to labels.

So one of the things in this movie that I'm looking for is the time that a stroller or a pedestrian is spending in one of these crosswalks so let's take a look at this video and I just want to point out the fact that let me go to code mode play the video and lo and behold this big truck gets stuck in traffic.

What a player get stuck in traffic right in front of one of the crosswalks making it unobservable for me so this might be a good thought process or place situation to use a deactivation link because the thought is that if there was a stroller or pedestrian in that far crosswalk or even the near one that a half of is getting blocked I want to click this label and automatically turn off those code buttons that might be on.

So I'm going to rewind let me go back to edit mode and I'm going to click on unobservable it's a label going to go to the deactivation link menu here again. This is just a list of buttons in the window you can see I have some down below but I want to link this to stroller and I'm still on unobservable and I'm going to link this to pedestrian you know pay attention to the directionality of the arrows because it matters you know it matters that unobservable is turning off or deactivating the codes not the other way around.

So the thought is I'm clicking on unobservable and the code buds are the things that will be deactivated so let me go to code mode now and actually there is a pedestrian. It's hard for you to see but probably of but I can notice that there's a pedestrian in the far crosswalk so I'll mark in there and now here comes the truck settling in and I'm not really exactly sure when that pedestrians going to exit so as soon as I click unobservable here it's just going to turn off pedestrian so that I'm not guessing or inferring as to when the pedestrian would exit and now actually that label I mean sorry that code or instance is going to get the label unobservable so that later on I have you know an easy way to find pedestrian clips that may not be accurate and I can go maybe do some further analysis or figure out how to account for that variability.

So that's how deactivation links work. One other thing worth mentioning probably in this situation which is using deactivation links with labels specifically is that it only really makes sense to use deactivation links with labels in relation to code buttons so for example if I had another label and I went unobservable to deactivate button a situation like this doesn't really do anything for me because the whole point of deactivating is to deactivate a code or an instance in other words to marked out labels don't have those states of marking in or out so if you're going to use deactivation links between labels inevitably it should be in conjunction with a code button.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks for watching.

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