Studiocode Tutorials | 7.12 Matrix - Boolean Operators

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In this video tutorial we're going to talk about how to use boolean operators with labels or columns in the matrix in other words.

So you can see that according to this matrix there are 48 taxis that enter the intersection from the south. That's what this little mock-up represents and 12 of the total 115 taxis made a turn but let's say I'm interested in knowing actually how many taxis made a turn coming from the south.

So in studio code language the way we think about that is how many instances in the taxi row have the south and the turn label on it or on them. You can get to that information by using the matrix in terms of how the first thing you want to do is right click or control click on a column header or one of the two column headers that you're looking to combine. You can actually combine more than two but let's just start with 2 and you get this drop-down menu and I will go to duplicate.

I'm only duplicating first because I want to use the second turn column and manipulate that one so I still have the plane individual turn column here for that information. Ok so now that I have this turn second turn column let me point out the fact that anytime you select a column header you can see the label represented up here in this dark gray horizontal bar going left to right. See that it just shows you the actual label there.

Ok so now that we have this second turn column we can there's two different ways we can combine the labels so again we're looking for turn and let's say south. The first way is if I right click on the column header again I can go ad label or group. Hopefully you have groups and I'm going to go find the group enters and we're going to go from the south right hopefully that makes sense. So when I choose south you see now that label gets added to the dark gray bar up here and you can see the word and between the two so that shows you the relationship.

We're looking again for any taxi instances that have the turn and the South label on it. If you click on and this is where you can take advantage of the boolean operators and instead for example use or that's a little bit less strict of a criteria so you know obviously the number changes.

There you can see 259 let's put it back to and from now so I said a minute ago there's two ways you can combine the labels. That's the first way via this right click and add menu.

The second way is like this so I'll right click on turn and go to duplicate again so that's you start out the same way now again you can see the turn label up here but with that selected you can also just click and drag this label up to the bar and you get the same result so there's no right or wrong there it's just a matter of preference but as I mentioned a minute ago you actually have an unlimited number of labels that you can combine to drill down and get more specific information in the matrix.

Thanks for watching.

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