Studiocode Tutorials | 7.14 Matrix - Dynamic Matrix

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In this video tutorial we're going to cover the dynamic matrix.

The dynamic matrix is just the ability to apply a matrix to only certain portions of a timeline. You can do that by using these little slider bars at the bottom of any matrix so you know by default the matrix gives you statistics based on the entire timeline but let's say there's only a portion of the timeline that I want it to reflect.

Let's say I only wanted to reflect the last 15 minutes or so of this 33-minute timeline. If I click and drag on this slider bar on the bottom of the matrix first pay attention to the curtain on the timeline that's sort of being ghosted in there. As I drag this slider bar you can see the curtain move from the left and also similarly the numbers in the matrix change and those are based on the amount of the timeline that is not covered by the curtain.

So if I keep dragging along let's say to about 18 minutes that leaves us with this blue portion of time or the last 15. About 15 minutes of the timeline is over here so these are the numbers in the matrix that reflect the last 15 minutes.

I can even get more specifically I just drag in there from the right side and have the matrix only reflect certain portions of the timeline. That's the dynamic matrix.

Thanks for watching.

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