Studiocode Tutorials | 9.13 Sorter Window - Synchronize Icon in Sorter

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In this tutorial we're going to show you how to synchronize any changes you made an asst order to your timeline.

And generally speaking you should have the mindset that any changes you do make in this order you want to get back to the timeline because the timeline is really the best repository for your information because you could always re-creates orders from your timeline or movie package but not necessarily always recreate timelines from your sorters.

So let me first just point out the fact that you know in these first nine rows I have one instance note on the fifth instance down. In the ninth instance the duration right here of that instances all zeros which doesn't make any sense to me and I have four group columns enters maneuver intersection and date right now.

Okay after the magic of editing let's draw your attention to the fact that I've added a new group column called safety and some labels that say unsafe for some of the instances that I feel are unsafe and then I added a couple new instance notes that give me a little more information about why those instances are unsafe and I change the duration of this ninth instance back to four seconds four and half seconds.

Before we go over the synchronized let me point out that the fête the fact that on if I hover my mouse over this first instance in the timeline which correlates to this row right in this order there is no transcription or instance note there yet on that instance you can look just above the number line there's no annotation there so the idea again is that I want to push all these changes back to your timeline.

So I could select these specific rows if I wanted but i'm just going to do command day because generally speaking we want all the changes from this order to go back to the timeline. So you can see all the rows that are highlighted. Now I'll click synchronize on this order and then if I hover my mouse over the first instance back on the timeline here you can see that over to the right just above the number line we have the unsafe label which wasn't there before as well as the new instance note there almost hit by pedestrian at least you can see the start of it on the timeline so that's how you can sync the changes from this order back to the timeline.

Just a note that it's not a true sink in that there's information going in both directions it's more of a push from this order to the timeline hope that helps.

Thanks for watching.

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