Studiocode Tutorials | 9.14 Sorter Window - Databasing from Sorter

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In this video tutorial we're going to go over how to database instances from a sorter into a new database.

You should already be familiar with the concept of a database and maybe the reasons why you would create a database in order for this to make sense.

So the process is pretty straightforward and it's very similar to databasing from a timeline. Just select the instances that you want to database so for example maybe these three unsafe rows are the ones are the instances that I want to drop into their own database so i just select those, single click on the database icon on the sorter and I don't have a database created already so I'm going to click new standalone database. Again, watch other video tutorials if you're not familiar familiar with standalone and reference databases.

I'll choose standalone and I'll call this database of unsaved instances put it on the desktop click Save. I got a little window just notifying me how much disk space this is going to use so I'll say yes and then you can see you get this message that the database has been updated and essentially what's happened it's taken those three instances from the sorter and drop them into their own movie package so these three instances in a taxi row are the exact same three that were selected here sorter.

Now maybe if I have other unsafe instances further down in this order or other sorters I could add them to this database as a repository you know that stands alone for for further analysis.

Thanks for watching.

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