Studiocode Tutorials | 9.25 Sorter Window - Labels and Groups

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In this video tutorial we're going to go over how to add new label and group information to the sorter as well as edits any existing information label and group information as well.

So let's say I just noticed I made a mistake and that this first bus instance didn't actually enter from the east they entered from the West. The first thing i could do is just simply retype the label there, then I could select this row but typically makes sense just to do command a select all the information in this order and if I sink that information back or push it back now let's hover over the first bus instance and you can see the first label there on the timeline is actually less.

So that's possible similarly if I option click in any given cell here our group cell I can get a drop-down list of all the groups so this first list are all the groups that have ever been associated with that timeline in this case I want to grab a new label from the enters group and I don't know let's make it come from the south this time so I just added it I didn't replace it which is a good point to make.

Let's just leave both of those labels on there and then again I'll select all sink. Let's hover over the first bus instance. Now you can see I have a South and a West. Similarly if I let's say I delete everything from that particular cell now sink back it will actually just remove those labels from the instance in the timeline as well so that's how that's the first way you can control labels in the timeline from this order.

Something else that might be useful is let's say I want to add a label to instances in the timeline it's more advantageous for me to look at the sorter in this spreadsheet style window but the label that I want to add longs to some group I haven't created yet so I could click this new column button. Actually I'm going to click this any cell miss last row because now when I click new columns it will add a column to the right of this selected.

So now that I have this new column I'm going to right click on the column number way at the top and make sure I choose group column. It's really important that you do this so that the this new column actually treats the texts we're about to enter as labels. Otherwise the labels in these cells won't be categorized properly or grouped properly so the new group I don't know I'm just going to imagine I'm going to call this new group safety and let's say in this first instance the bus does something unsafe and in this one that taxi does something safe but again I can add that information simply by back to the time I simply by command a hit sync and let's now hover over the first taxi instance you can see this safe label way at the end and you can see the unsafe label way at the end of this bus instance so that's another nice thing you can do in this order is just create labels and groups on the fly.

One thing worth mentioning here is if for example we right click at the top of this column and hit delete column so we just got rid of all those labels. Now let's do this command a and sink a minute ago remember that if I deleted an individual label from a group column and then synced it actually remove the label. In this case we got rid of the whole group from disorder so now that we just synced let's hover over here but you can see that the label in this case still stay on the instances so if you get rid of the entire group column you won't lose all the labels.

We do that with the thought that you might want to you know edit your sorter in a particular way but not lose the information in the timeline. You obviously obviously can get that information back in this order just by regenerating it from the timeline similarly in terms of groups. If for example I changed the name of this group to maneuvers with an S at the end and let's say for example I just synced to the first row here the first instance in the bus row you can see that group got changed to maneuvers with a nest but for example here the first tax the instances still has the maneuver without the s as the group name so it would take a select all sync now all the instances that ever belong to the maneuver group now belong to the maneuvers with an S group.

Hope that helps, thanks for watching.

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