Studiocode Tutorials | 9.26 Sorter Window - Annotation or Transcription

NOTE: Beginning December 31st, 2017, development of Studiocode and iCoda will stop and new licenses will not be available for purchase. Please consider Vosaic as a replacement. Read More.


In this video tutorial we're going to cover how to add transcription or annotation in this order window and push it back or sink it back to the timeline.

So in this case let's say I'm just annotating the video I'm entering information from a coders perspective. I'm not necessarily transcribing what's being said. If you are transcribing make sure to watch the other video tutorials on specifically transcription but in this case let's imagine I'm just imitating my thoughts about what's happening a video and I'm saying the bus ran the red light alright I can skip down the taxi made and illegal right turn so pretty straightforward you can just type in there.

Now when you're ready I can single click on specific rows I mote usually it makes sense a use command a to select all then just single click on sync which is really like a push of this information this back to the timeline now you can see if I hover my mouse over this first taxi instance the transcription or annotation is at the end just above the number line there. Same with the taxi instance.

Thanks for watching.

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