Studiocode Tutorials | 9.29 Sorter Window - Setup and Keyboard Shortcuts

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In this video tutorial we're going to go over how to set up some keyboard shortcuts so you can be as efficient as possible when using this order or transcription window.

So the first thing is let's go to the Apple and system preferences and let's go to keyboard. Make sure you're on this keyboard button or paying here and if you're on a Mac that was made prior to 2016 it probably looks like this where you can check this box use f1 f2 etc Keys as standard function keys by default. Usually it's uncheck so for example at this point if I hit f1 you can see on my particular keyboard and controls the brightness of the screen but in our case we want to check this box because those f1 f2 keys are going to have other functionality that we want to leverage in studio code.

Now let's go over to shortcuts and we'll go to Mission Control and typically by defaults you may have to expand this right here but these two check boxes moved left a space movie right a space are checked on so we'll go ahead and uncheck those.

If you're familiar with spaces you're probably familiar with how to switch to a different space via other keyboard shortcuts so you probably won't miss these too much but again these are shortcuts that we can leverage in studio code and if you don't know what spaces are there if you're not really going to miss anything by unchecking these boxes.

Ok so let's close the system preferences. Now we're back in the sword or window and all these shortcuts also are settings also pertain to the transcription window if you happen to be using that for specific reasons as well.

Ok now that we have those settings established the first thing I can show you is that's typically helpful is to use the ctrl and arrow keys to move around or navigate through the cells in this order so you can see my cursor is in the last cell in transcription column here but if I hold ctrl and like up arrow I can move up I'm still holding ctrl I can move left to right and if you're transcribing or annotating video you know ideally you're keeping your hands on the keyboard as much as possible and not having to go to the mouse so that's sort of the purpose of using all these shortcuts.

So now let's talk about the f1 f2 keys if your workflow involves checking this box and using the looping markers for any reason then it's now that I can use f1 oh sorry let me push down into so in the sorter so that the keystroke can be recognized but now I can use f1 and f2 to advance and reverse the black blue green markers there instead of having those f 1 f 2 t's correspond to the brightness for the screen.

In other words other keyboard shortcuts that are helpful to be aware of many people in the timeline. Use the spacebar to play the video and pause the video but you can see when I do that here the spacebar is reserved for typing or entering text right so alternative ways to play the video which are actually fairly standard if you're not familiar with them in many video related software for example is ctrl L now is play what's the problem what control k is pause and then ctrl J its rewind hot.

Hopefully that makes sense. I think if you're using disorder or transcription window in its most efficient way you probably wouldn't have to rewind that often because the looping markers should help you control the playback so ctrl L is play what control k is pause those I would imagine might get used frequently.

So hopefully those keyboard shortcuts will help you use this order and transcription window more efficiently.

Thanks for watching.

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