Studiocode Tutorials | 9.6 Sorter Window - Transcription = Instance Note

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In this video tutorial we're going to talk a little more in detail about the instance note column.

This column 4 is called the instance note column. As I've said in other tutorials it's it could be used for various things. All of them are driven by annotation on some level well it whether it's adding more detail about what's happening in the video or actual transcription of what's being said by someone in the video or maybe some comments between colleagues who are doing the actual analysis of the video.

So it's commonly used this column is commonly used for any of those purposes. You might have noticed that this row 5 for example has an instance note or some annotation in it already that says probably speeding. I just wanted to point out the fact that the way that that instance note got into this column is let me close this sorter and that was instance number five so if I hover over the fifth instance here let's see you can see over toward the right just above the number line is where that little instance note or transcription if you want if you're using it for that purpose was entered that was entered in this case on the timeline by using this text.

But so let me choose a different instance like let's say here's a Santa instance number six and I click on the text button and let's just type something here here's some annotation about the video. I'll close that window. First I'll just hover over that instance and you can see now that that annotation appears on the instance and if I add it to a sorter just that one instance that one instance note you know comes from this text button so although they have different terminology text versus instance notes it's actually the same element in terms of Studio code.

Thanks for watching.

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