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Professional development has the most impact when it focuses on empowering teachers to take ownership, occurs locally and in context. Use video to personalize coaching in a way that will help teachers improve their practice.

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Professional Development with Vosaic Helps You:

  • Use video for teacher coaching.
  • Remotely coach teachers saving you time and money.
  • Boost teachers development with highly personalized mentoring and coaching.
  • Conduct more meaningful observations.
  • Make self-reflections easier for teachers.
  • Have more effective use of video in PLC meetings.
  • Provide teachers with mechanism to more efficiently get feedback from their peers.
  • Rest assured knowing that Vosaic's infrastructure was designed in compliance with COPPA, FERPA, and HIPAA, as well as to keep your data private and secure.

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How Vosaic Works

1. Create Feedback Forms

Create Feedback Forms

Create custom feedback forms. You can base them on best-practice frameworks such as Danielson's or Marzano, or create your own.

2. Upload, Record and Tag Video

Record Videos and Mark Important Moments

Upload or record videos using any device. Mark important moments using the form you created as you're recording the video, or after the video is recorded.

3. Comment and Share

Comment and Share Video

Add comments to provide feedback to important moments you've marked, and then share tagged video with others for review.

Getting Started With Video And Vosaic Toolkit

Did you know you're exactly the type of person we want to support – the reason why Vosaic was created? We're super excited to help you get started. Here's a toolkit we wrote to help you get the juices flowing.

For Instructional Coaches and Principals

Video allows everyone to act on evidence of practice and not on someone's imperfect memory of practice. Acting on evidence helps us improve teaching in a meaningful way. Vosaic makes it easy for coaches and principals to not only record and upload videos of practice, but also provide feedback by marking up videos using best practice frameworks such as Danielson's, Marzano, or their own rubrics based on what teachers want and need to improve.

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Matt Rinne

"Vosaic allows teachers to focus in on what they'd like to improve in their teaching. As an instructional coach it's really easy for me to create a feedback form that focuses on their goals, and then choose that form to mark up their video at the time of their recording."

Matt Rinne
Instructional Coach at Prytle Elementary, Lincoln, NE

Video Observation and Coaching That Qualifies For Title II ESSA Funds

Video Observation and Coaching That Qualifies For Title II ESSA Funds

According to the U.S. Department of Education: "States and districts may use Title II, Part A funds to create personalized digital learning opportunities for teachers, instructional leadership teams, principals, or other school leaders, and thereby move away from one-size-fits-all professional development."

As an evidence-based, digital technology that focuses on meeting individual professional development needs, Vosaic may qualify for Title II-A ESSA funds at your state. Consult with your LEA about using Title II-A funds for Vosaic, or if you're a FACTS customer, with a FACTS Educations Solutions representative.

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Video For Teacher Self-Reflection

Vosaic's video platform helps teachers:

  • Record videos of themselves using the Vosaic iOS app or any other camera.
  • Privately upload videos for self-reflection.
  • Add comments to important moments.
  • Share videos they like the best with a principal, coach, or peer for feedback.
  • Reflect and improve with marked-up video using predefined evaluation forms and timestamped comments.

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Flexible and Easy to Use Video Coaching

Flexible and Easy to Use Video Coaching

You can easily set up Vosaic to fit individual teacher, school, and district needs. Whether using Marzano, Danielson's, CLASS, or another observation, evaluation, or coaching framework, Vosaic's custom feedback forms help principals, coaches, and teachers, observe, coach, evaluate, and self-reflect in a way that makes most sense to them.

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Kevin Chick

"When using Vosaic to review video later in my office rather than text documentation, I found my that my text documentation was filled with biases. I only documented when I saw the things I was looking for. I missed many activities while documenting."

Kevin Chick
Principal at St. Columba, Durango, CO

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Getting Started With Video Toolkit (PDF).

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  • Sample Letter To School Leaders
  • Common Answers to Video Questions
  • Walkthrough Sample
  • Observation Sample
  • and more.
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