Use Video to Engage Teachers In Professional Growth

Take what is often a meaningless, perfunctory process and turn it into an effective tool for the professional growth of your teachers.


Approach Backed by Research

The Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard found in their “Best Foot Forward” study that using video instead of in-classroom observation, improved several dimensions of the classroom observation process:

  • Increased teachers perception of fairness
  • Reduced defensiveness in post-observation discussions
  • Led to greater self-criticism by teachers
  • Allowed supervisors and administrators to shift observation duties to non-instructional school hours

More On This Research

Private and Secure

As a company we understand the sensitivity of information that is gathered, and the importance of keeping it private and secure. To keep your data safe, we’re adhering to several best privacy and security practices:

  • Data Encryption and Ownership
  • Identity Verification
  • Strong Passwords
  • Modern Infrustructure
  • Access Roles and Groups

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"When using Vosaic Connect to review video later in my office rather than text documentation, I found my that my text documentation was filled with biases. I only documented when I saw the things I was looking for. I missed many activities while documenting."

Kevin Chick
Principal at St. Columba, Durango, CO

Help Your Teachers Grow With Vosaic Connect

Vosaic Connect breathes new life into the teacher observation and evaluation process. With Vosaic Connect you can:

  • Create evaluation forms that fit your observation needs
  • Use those forms to mark the video of the teacher as it is being recorded, or a video a teacher submits for feedback
  • Add comments and share your feedback with the teacher for review

This process helps you provide the best possible feedback to you teachers, that will improve the learning by improving the teaching. Get started today for free.

Custom Evaluation Forms

Whether using Danielson Framework, CLASS, or another observation method, Vosaic Connect's custom observation forms help teachers self-reflect and make it easy for principals and coaches to observe, coach, and evaluate teachers.

Evidence Based Observations

Because Vosaic Connect combines observation with video evidence, feedback becomes truly objective and far more meaningful. Principals, coaches, and teachers can watch and re-watch recorded observations for continuous learning, coaching, and research.

For Teachers

  1. Teachers record videos of themselves in the classroom using the Vosaic Connect iOS app or any other camera.
  2. Securely uploaded video can be viewed for self-reflection, or shared with a principal, coach, or peer for feedback.
  3. Reflect and improve with marked-up video using predefined evaluation forms and timestamped comments.

For Principals and Coaches

  1. Principals and coaches mark important moments as they’re being recorded (on video) during in-classroom observation.
  2. The video is automatically and securely uploaded along with all time-stamped moments.
  3. Detailed feedback is added and everything is shared with teachers to review before a follow up meeting.
  4. A text summary of the evaluation can be downloaded and printed for record keeping.

Plans and Pricing

Need more than 25 users? Contact us for a quote.

NOTE: You are only paying for users who can upload videos. Users who can mark-up and watch videos are FREE, and you can have as many of them as you need.


  • 5
    Users with Video Uploading Access
  • 20
    Hours of Video Storage
  • Unlimited
    Users with Video Viewing Access

$199per User / Year

$995per Year*


  • 6-10
    Users with Video Uploading Access
  • 24-40
    Hours of Video Storage
  • Unlimited
    Users with Video Viewing Access

$159per User / Year

$954 - $1,599per Year*


  • 11-25
    Users with Video Uploading Access
  • 44-100
    Hours of Video Storage
  • Unlimited
    Users with Video Viewing Access

$119per User / Year

$1,309 - $2,975per Year*