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Record videos using any camera or mobile device; Securely share videos with individuals or groups; Use custom rubrics to mark-up & code videos for feedback, coaching, observation, or analysis.

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Improve Skills With Accurate Video Powered Feedback

If you’ve ever tried to provide feedback to someone right after observing them – or worse, a day later – you know how hard it can be to accurately capture thoughts you had in the moment.

Recording a video of a practice, allows you to find, and share key learning moments that are important for practice improvement, professional development, and research.

What is Vosaic?

In every classroom, training scenario, simulation, or professional evaluation, important learning moments go unnoticed. Vosaic's video analysis software helps you easily record, identify, and share those moments.

How Vosaic Works

Upload & Comment 35 seconds


Upload videos from your hard-drive or Google Drive, than tag and comment on them using your custom rubrics.

Record & Tag Live 35 seconds


If observing in person, simply use a built-in or external web cam to start recording and tagging live videos.

Share Videos 18 seconds


All videos are private by default. When ready, you can easily share them with individuals or groups for video feedback and analysis.

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Vosaic's Video Feedback Loop

  1. Learners or educators record or upload videos from anywhere using their favorite devices.
  2. Educators and/or peers mark important moments on a video timeline, and leave comments while observing or after the video is recorded.
  3. Learners react to feedback, make adjustments to their practice, and repeat the process as needed.

We call this process "Performance Discovery".

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Vosaic's Video Feedback Loop
Timeline Based Video Feedback

Timeline Based Video Feedback

No other product has the flexibility, specificity, and efficiency of marking important moments in videos as Vosaic has with it's video timelines.

Unlike other products, with Vosaic you can capture important moments in their entirety (using video clips, not just a timestamp of single video frame), and easily re-play, annotate, or export them to create highlight videos.

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Video Analysis Based on Studiocode

If you’re familiar with Studiocode, you’ll notice that Vosaic shares many features, and to a certain degree works very similarly to Studiocode. That is because Vosaic is based on Studiocode.

Due to the growing numbers of our Studiocode users switching to Vosaic’s cloud-based software, we’ve stopped development and sale of Studiocode at the end of 2017. Today, as we continue development of Vosaic as Studiocode replacement, we’re seeing more and more Studiocode users transitioning to Vosaic.

If you’re a Studiocode user, please send us your feedback on Vosaic. Your feedback will help us continue developing Vosaic in a way that is meaningful to you. If you haven’t transitioned to Vosaic yet, you can take advantage of our limited time offer to do so.

Video Analysis Based on Studiocode

Trusted by Educators and Researchers Worldwide


K 12 White

"Video combined with notes and markup collected using Vosaic helps me provide objective feedback to my teachers, and holds me–the observer–accountable."

Kevin Chick
Principal - St. Columba PreK-8 School

Higher Ed White

"Vosaic has the potential to transform teacher education by making clear connections between theory and practice."

Kathleen (Kathy) Nitta
Lecturer - Gonzaga

Medical White

"This technology allows for individuality and specificity."

Lucia Espinet
Learning Consultant - Kaiser Permanente

Coaching White

"Some of the things are impossible to teach unless you work together for years. With Vosaic I was able to teach my assistant in a matter of weeks."

Dr. Addison Killeen
DDS - Williamsburg Dental

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