Annotating Moments in Vosaic Connect

Emir Plicanic
Emir Plicanic

October 26, 2016

You can now add annotations to marked-up moments and even start a comment thread around a specific moment, helping you get more out of your video analysis, debrief, or self-reflection.

Vosaic’s markup feature made it possible for you to mark up moments in the video for easy reference in debriefs, research, or self-reflections. In many situations, the marked video is all you need, but there are times where added context would help explain the marked moment. This is where the annotations feature comes in. Annotations allow you to easily add notes to any existing moment, create a new moment with a note attached to it, or comment on a moment from other users.

How to Add Annotations to Moments

While the video is playing, press the “Add Note” icon in the player.

  • If the playhead is over an existing moment, it will add your note to that moment. You can also specify a different one from the moments drop-down above the text input box.
  • If the playhead is not over a moment, select a moment from the moments drop-down above the text input box, then type in your note.

Type your note and press “Save Note”

  • In this window, you also have an option to loop a moment while you’re typing the note.

Moments that have annotations will appear with a yellow underline.

How to View Annotations

  1. Click on a moment in a timeline with a yellow underline.
  2. The sidebar will show the moment and all notes associated with it.

How To Edit Annotations

  1. Click on the note you want to edit.
  2. Press “Save Note” to save changes.

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