Introducing Performance Discovery with Vosaic

Emir Plicanic
Emir Plicanic

September 10, 2017

Do you know how well you did today? Are you 100% certain you didn’t miss a moment, a fact, a pattern that could lead you to improvement or meaningful insight?

Those are two simple, yet powerful questions that many are challenged to answer. We trust our brains to objectively and accurately remember and recall events. Yet research shows that when recalling events, we experience a tunnel vision focusing on big moments and discarding all the details that seem incidental. 

You need those details, specific moments, the evidence to help you make adjustments that are valuable to performance improvement. 

You need objective and specific data, aggregated in a way that can help you efficiently uncover insights. But current products focus on evaluation rather than the synthesis, reflection, and insight that makes performance data valuable.

This makes it difficult to really know how well you did today, or to know whether your assumptions to improve are backed by objective data—until now.

Introducing Performance Discovery

In every training scenario, situation, or behavior we see learning opportunities that go unnoticed. We call them performance indicators, and they get missed everywhere.

Missed performance indicators equal:

  • Missed learning opportunities.
  • Lower engagement.
  • Increased cost of learning and research.
  • Fewer objective data points that lead to insight.

We at Vosaic help you record and gather all performance indicators, visually, and in real time. Empowering educators, learners, trainers, professionals, and researchers to continuously re-engage with their subjects and their work.

  • To see the unseen.
  • To gain insight.
  • To review with objectivity.
  • To react and reflect.

To incite the curious to know how well they did today, and why.

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