Screen Recording with Vosaic

Maddy Sirois
Maddy Sirois

March 23, 2020

Vosaic is always striving to make the process of learning with video more interactive and effective. For example, users can easily record and upload videos directly in their browser, then attach supporting documents such as PowerPoints, PDFs, and Word documents. This enables viewers to have everything they need to learn in one place.

That process, while great, wasn’t perfect. Up until now, users couldn’t easily record their screen as part of the lesson. They had to use different software to create screen recordings, then log into Vosaic to upload them. With the introduction of the screen recording feature, all that work can be done in Vosaic directly.

This feature is available to users in the Learner, Educator, and Administrator roles.

Users can record videos of their entire screen, or specific applications.

Share your screen

With this feature, users can streamline their processes for sharing and presenting materials to others. Educators and learners can solicit and review feedback on both their presentation materials and skills, all in one place.

Videos recorded in the presenter view will live-capture the presenter via built-in or USB webcam, and record the screen-share for a more immersive teaching and learning experience.

Processed videos will include the presenter’s video feed in the lower right of each video. The captured audio will then be available for transcription.

Presenter's video feed in the lower right of the video player.


This feature has been released as a beta, and will continue to be improved through its life-cycle.

Please give Vosaic screen recording a try and share your thoughts with us. Your feedback is crucial to ensure that future iterations of Vosaic provide maximum efficiency and value to your work. Please let us know what you like about the screen recording feature and what you think we could improve!

If you haven’t already, sign up for a 14-day free trial to give things a try and see how they work!

Video: How to Record Your Screen

Getting Started With Video Toolkit (PDF).

PDF Download


  • Sample Letter To School Leaders
  • Common Answers to Video Questions
  • Walkthrough Sample
  • Observation Sample
  • and more.
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